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Q. I need to renew my DNS hosting account

A. Our DNS Service is being replaced with our own private label DNS accounts. This notice applies ONLY to clients who have DNS Plus accounts. You can determine this by looking at your domain registry records (login to your current account/registrar). If your Nameservers are * then you are on the system that is being discontinued and you need to sign up for the NEW DNS system at

You have two options.

1) Sign up for a DNS Account here:
a) Login to your new DNS Account and configure all of your DNS settings for the domain(s).
b) Change the nameservers at your registry to the ones listed on the DNS webpage and in your confirmation email you'll receive when you place your order. Depending on your registrar, settings can take 15 minutes or less or up to 24hrs.

2) If your domain registry needs to be renewed in the near future, or if you simply want to save money, transfer your domains to our services. DNS accounts are provided FREE OF CHARGE to our customers who register or transfer their domains with WebKor.
a) Surf to our transfer page and BE SURE to read the information regarding transfers (below the input boxes).
b) Follow the instructions and complete the order process. Once your order is completed and the transfer is complete, changes to your DNS settings will be noticed usually within 5 to 15 minutes at the most.

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