Beginning in January 2014, the registrant contact will need to be validated upon the purchase or transfer of a domain name OR if the registrant's first name or last name is modified. The “registrant” of a domain name is the person who is ultimately responsible for a domain name’s registry. If you work for a company, but do domain registries on behalf of your employer, typically the owner of the company is considered the “registrant” and you would be a technical contact or be assigning your tech’s information for “technical contact”.

Should any of these occur, the registrant will be sent an email requiring an affirmative response, in essence “re-validation”. Failing to receive an affirmative response from the registrant’s email address within 15 days will result in the suspension of the name. The name will subsequently be placed on “ClientHold” status, taking the domain and related services offline.

If a registrant has already validated their contact information, this process will not be initiated. Again, a new domain name registry requires subsequent affirmation from the email address listed as the domain name’s “registrant” email address and any subsequent changes to the first or last name of the registrant. This is for the lifetime of the domain.

The same validation process will take place if a WHOIS Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) notice, 30 day expiration notice or 5 day expiration notice bounces. It will therefore be of paramount importance to ensure the WHOIS data you provide and maintain is correct. The Global Registry (governing body of all domain names) sends out annual (once per year) WDRP’s for each domain you have registered. No action is required for these WDRP’s however if the email address for the registrant has changed but not updated for the domain/whois record, it will “bounce”. The domain will be on a path for suspension and eventual loss if the re-validation is not completed.

ICANN is the non-profit organization that regulates the domain naming system for the Internet. ICANN's mission is to ensure the continued stability and security of the DNS (Domain Name System).

WebKor makes every effort to assist our customers with domain name registries however we cannot guarantee that each and every failure is mitigated. If you fail to provide correct information, or fail to update changed information, you are solely responsible for any suspension or loss of a particular domain name you own.

As a Registered Service Provider (“RSP”) for Tucows OpenSRS and eNom, WebKor is required to adhere to the exact same standards as our upstream providers. We believe in operating the domain name registry part of our business in an open and transparent way for potential customers who are learning about WebKor from public-facing web sites and information portals (like this one). We are proud to offer Domain Name Services (SSL Certificates, Security Products, Site-Lock & etc.) at reduced costs in order to have an advantage for gaining and keeping customers.

We do not pretend to be a registrar. Our domain registry services are largely a “convenience” which aids us in the overall management and operations of web sites and systems. Our profit on domain sales is nominal at best but is a shared convenience with our contractual customer base and is one reason we have customers who’ve been with us for well over a decade.

We do provide an extra level of personal care and attention to your services. Low cost, secure and professional handling of your data.