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Domain Scam:

Actual Domain Scam sent for one of our own domains!
See highlights for tracking image and wierd domain name they want you to visit!

This is one received by WebKor for one of our own Domain Names! As you can see they want $75 for a year which includes "seo submissions". SEO submissions are nothing more than a ripoff guaranteed to get you an endless bunch of spam and probably result in actually reducing potential good rankings for your domain name. SEO is something that should be carefully coordinated and involves much more than just submitting a domain to every search engine out there on the internet.

The email also included a "tracking image" seen at the bottom of the email. The tracking image is loaded by using the "src" attribute of the image which loads code that is directly associated with the particular email and all information regarding the domain in the email. Essentially, just reading the email loads that "tracking image" and at the very least confirms to this unscrupulous, dishonest and less-than-desirable company that the email got through and was read. So at the very least they now know this is a valid email address. Since the email itself proves this company is dishonest right out of the gate, you can rest assured that they will also most likely have no problem sharing this data as email lists with known-valid emails can be very valuable to numerous marketing entities who have no problem emailing you out of the blue for any product or service you can think of.

WebKor is helping the internet community at large to avoid falling into these scams and getting hooked in to a less-than-honorable company. WebKor enjoys fair competition for services but we detest dishonest companies who have no problem doing anything for money, including mining the WHOIS database which is illegal all by itself.

If you want to be with a company who puts honesty and loyalty to customers first, come join us and know that all of your data is guarded by WebKor with the only exception that we fully cooperate with internet authorities (such as ICANN) as well as local and federal law enforcement. Aside from those two exceptions, none of your information is ever shared with anyone else for any reason, and particularly not for monetary gain using what we consider highly deceptive and dishonest business practices.

Does anyone really want to get hooked up with an entity that uses "" for a domain? How much SENSE does it make? These are known as "disposable domains". Once the domain has been exposed sufficiently enough that ICANN or the place where the domain was registered knows it is involved in illegal activity, they do get shut down but then are re-done possible with just a new set of numbers or something entirely different. As long as the "disposable domain" serves it's short-term purpose of scamming as many as possible before being "found out", this practice will continue. Why don't the authorities go after the actual entities who are doing this and prosecute them so they cannot keep using disposable domains? Your guess is as good as ours.

Join WebKor today and rest assured that best practices and no-data-sharing are part of our business core!